Guided tours


Klaas Daalder – where did he go to catch whales? Which whales did they hunt and what were the whales used for? How did life on board of such a ship look like? Ineke Vonk, one of the great experts of whales and whaling, will tell you everything about it.

History of the house

How did Klaas Daalder live, how did he sleep and where did his wife Marritje cook? There was no bathroom, how did they do it back then? We will tell you everything about this house, the interior and all the items that were very normal to Klaas and the later residents but seem so special to us today.

All guided tours are in Dutch.

There are several steps in this old house, so unfortunately it is not suitable for the disabled and prams. Dogs are not allowed.

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The costs of a guided tour amount to € 7,50 per person.
The proceeds will entirely support the preservation of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje.